Flint + Steel
Flint and Steel fire making sets

We have searched extensively in order to bring you the very best strikers for flint and steel fire starting.

Compare the size of these unique strikers with the standard one shown in the photo. These exquisitely finished strikers not only throw hot sparks, their smaller size allows them to fit more neatly in most tinder boxes.

Each Flint and Steel Set comes with a striker, flint, a roll of charcloth and jute nesting fiber.   $19.95

For hundreds of years before the invention of the phosphorus match, flint and steel was the most common means of fire making. Many modern day historical reenactors are familiar with the use of charcloth. However, charcloth is actualy a fairly recent development. Prior to charcloth, a variety of natural tinders were used such as wood punk also called "touchwood". 

The following video clip demonstrates how the pith of the mullein plant can be used with flint and steel.

Charcloth Tinder Kit - only $7.95

Now you can make your own charcloth at home so you'll have a never ending supply of tinder for your fire pistion or flint and steel fire making.

Kit includes a metal tin, roll of 100% cotton fabric and our foolproof instructions.

NEW - Burning Lens Kit

Light your fire using the rays of the sun with our solar burning lens kit. Comes with 2"ground glass lens, charcloth and jute nesting bundle. Only $9.95
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