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New….”Vertical Burn” Campfire and Outdoor Cooking System”

Turns ordinary split firewood into a "Canadian Candle" or "Swedish Torch"

Only $21.95                          
The wood bundle is placed on end. 

Fine kindling is placed in the center and ignited.
Because of the vertical orientation, a chimney effect is created. 

As the tinder burns, hot rising air creates a draft effect, causing fresh air to rush in from below. 

The large wood pieces quickly begin to burn and flames shoot out from the core. 

The bundle burns from the inside-out and hot coals are trapped inside the bundle and shielded from the wind.  

Special Features

​•The Constant Force Compression Band is constructed from stainless steel for repeated use and long life. 

The Vertical Burn System can be used with split, seasoned firewood or dry wood collected on the trail. 

A Vertical Burn System campfire is nearly maintenance free and will burn for hours without need for attention. It offers maximum burn time with minimum amount of wood.

The small fire-base foot print is perfect for confined areas

A burning Vertical Burn System bundle is portable. It can easily be moved from place to place and since it is self-standing a fire bundle can even be suspend or elevated as a patio cresset.

The Vertical Burn bundle is stable. Cooking pots can be placed directly on top. No need to carry a separate stove on the trail! 

The reusable Constant Force Compression Band is light weight and easily stored in pack or pocket. 

The Vertical Burn System utilizes a strong spring which compresses the wood into a tight bundle as it burns.
Note: For sustained combustion, large pieces of wood must be maintained in close contact with hot coals. The Vertical Burn constant force compression band utilizes a strong spring, constantly squeezing the wood together as it burns and is consumed. Without this compression aspect, the pieces would quickly fall apart and the fire would go out. 
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Another great product! 5 Star Review
Posted by James Olinger on 8th May 2017

I've used the "Swedish torch" for years using pieces of wire or rocks to scotch up the wood. Your Vertical Burn is far and away easiest method I've seen. I was a little skeptical when I first saw your product notice, but bought it anyway. Sure glad I did. It will be in my saddlebag on every trip I take from now on.

Click HERE to purchase